Fiore verde


Lamp with green flowers reflects the traditions of Amalfi Coast and modern functionality



From Umbria to Puglia, pottery lovers visit the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany. The cheerful plates are painted in bright Mediterranean colors and show popular chickens, fish and other animals, especially if you go to Vietri sul Mare on the coast.

Whether you are buying a gift or complementing your own Italian ceramics collection, the dealers in Praiano present a selection of Italian ceramics to choose from. Check out our selection of Amalfi Pottery to find the best handmade unique items in our shop.
ll hand-made and hand-painted lamps are made in Italy with strict attention to detail by qualified artisans. We made this beautiful mug by hand and glazed it with a fantastic touch of light blue. The fabric shade is hand-sewn by us and the design of the lamp body ensures a perfect match in style.

Modern Italian ceramics are in short a timeless style because they take the best aspects from many worlds and make them their own. Given that Italy was not a unified country before 1870, but a series of kingdoms and Papal States, it is beginning to make sense. The places where ceramics are made overlap, such as Tuscany, Umbria, Amalfi, the coast of Sicily and Puglia, so you will surely find different styles, shapes and designs.

Lamps present a unique challenge for modern designers due to their functional purpose. Your choice of lampshade makes all the difference when it comes to how far the light travels and changes its color. Italian ceramic lamps are liquid and in some cases have perfect aesthetic qualities.